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Rise & Dawn Bakehouse

Rise and shine with Rise&Dawn Bakehouse, our delicious bakery located in The Sum Of Us. We use the best quality ingredients we can find, come up the craziest recipes we can think of and handcraft the most devastatingly delicious pieces of art you’ve ever tasted. Kneading passion into every loaf of bread and creating music…

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Brunswick Sports Club

A mashup between an industrial Brooklyn gym and a rustic Melbournian neighbourhood bar, this is the place to get the squad together and chill with a burger and a bevvie. Here, the barman knows you, your mates and your usual but it’s not just about the drinks. Aside from an impressive list of options to…

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Our quirky, flirty Latina eatery may be hidden in the ‘burbs, but she sure ain’t shy… Here, the music is vivacious, the ambience chilled, the good vibes contagious and our fiery chefs – flown in from Mexico – cook up a contemporary feast of flavour and texture. We love to dine and laugh with the people…

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